Provider Consulting


Daycare Consult assists home daycare providers with many facets of their businesses. Providers who have used the services of Daycare Consult have found that they have less conflict with parents and experience better behaved, more easily managed children in their care. Daycare Consult offers the following services to home daycare providers:
  • transitioning to healthy organic eating
  • feeding issues 
  • ADA compliancy  and rights of the provider - how the ADA affects your daycare 
  • behavior management and problems
  • nap/rest time solutions
  • parental conflict
  • dealing with DHS complaints
  • hiring and managing staff assistants
  • daycare set up and toy requirements


To enlist the support of Daycare Consult in any of the above service please take a moment to complete the application for support so that we might best support you in personal, individual service.

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