Parent Consultation


Choosing The Right Care Environment  

Choosing daycare for your child can be a daunting task at best. Even the most guarded and prepared parent can find themselves uncertain as to which daycare environment and/or daycare provider might best serve the needs of their family and child. Daycare Consult offers parents an expert opinion regarding the choice of center versus private home care versus nanny care as well as help choosing the right provider/center/nanny. Daycare Consult has the distinct advantage of understanding the daycare and nanny  industry from both the parent and provider prospective. Including Daycare Consult in your family's daycare decisions allows you insight from an expert who can translate what a provider is really conveying in conversation with parents.

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Video Monitoring

With the advent of video cameras in daycare centers many parents are thrilled with the prospect of being able to watch their child throughout the day as well as monitor staff action and response. However, as a working parent it is difficult to concentrate on both the daily tasks of your career and the video feed of your child's daycare center. Daycare Consult offers to parents, monitoring of your child's daycare center room. Daycare Consult then reports back to parents any problems or concerns with both the video time stamp and a full written explanation of the events in question. 

Daycare Consult has been contracted by daycare center owners to monitor staff in their own centers. As a parent you, too, can take advantage of this service allowing you the opportunity of one on one viewing. 

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Parenting Advice 

Being a parent is the hardest job you will ever have. Many parents find that after having their child they need advice and wisdom from seasoned mothers and caregivers. There are many parenting books on the market that shares on philosophy or another but there is nothing more useful or important than specific, personal parenting advice with regard to your individual child and situation. Daycare Consult is an authority on what works and what doesn't with regard to children, parenting and maintaining harmony at home.

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