Choosing Home Daycare

Choosing appropriate, safe and reliable childcare is one of the most important decisions you will ever make! Daycare Consult will assist parents in choosing the best caregiver by providing the following services:


  • interviewing techniques to get real answers from providers to your questions
  • information on what to look for in the daycare environment
  • tips and tricks that enable you to "translate" what the provider is really saying
  • information regarding any  licensing infractions of chosen providers
  • having Daycare Consult conduct a final phone interview with the provider
  • feedback with regard to the findings of Daycare Consult
  • reviewing provider contracts before parents sign


Choosing A Nanny

Employing a nanny might seem like the perfect choice for your family. However, it is important that the right nanny be selected. Tori, owner of Daycare Consult has the experience and expertise you need while searching for the perfect nanny. Spending more than eight years as a  nanny to high profile clients, Tori understands this position from the perspective of the caretaker. Nanny selection services will include:


  • assistance in interviewing with nannies
  • bargaining with respect to wages and hours and expectations
  • problem-solving
  • strategies  nannies employ to manage both children and parents
  • red flags to watch for while the nanny is in your home
  • how to maintain a long and successful nanny/client relationship  

Daycare Conflict Resolution

Daycare Consult will happily assist you in conflict resolution you might require with regard to either a home daycare or center-based daycare. Issues requiring support or resolution services might include:


  • behavioral issues while the child is in attendance at daycare
  • problems with drop off  or pick up times at daycare
  • refusal to go to daycare
  • pending termination of daycare services due to behavior
  • suspected abuse and/or negligence
  • terminating daycare services on your behalf


Parenting And Nutrition Advice

There is an old adage that kids do not come with an instruction manual. Now you have Daycare Consult to help you find and translate that instruction manual your child has been hiding from you!  With hundreds of thousands of hours of caring for all types of innate personalities, Tori, owner of Daycare Consult has likely dealt with your particular parenting dilemma at some point in her nearly three decades of caring for children. And, as a licensed, registered nurse, Tori can give you sound advice regarding all facets of parenting:


  • nutrition and food issues
  • feeding issues including reflux,  gagging, selective eaters, food aversions
  • nipple confusion and refusal
  • breast to bottle
  • switching to organics and identifying hidden processed foods
  • managing age appropriate portions and intake 
  • bedtime/sleep issues 
  • behavior modification 
  • behavioral advice and assistance birth to five years


To enlist the support of Daycare Consult in any of the above service please take a moment to complete the application for support so that we might best support you in personal, individual service.

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