Daycare Centers

Daycare Consult specializes in consultation and assistance to daycare centers. Daycare Consult's services regarding daycare centre video monitoring has been shown to dramatically increase staff productivity, reduce operational costs, and increase safety standards.

Tori, owner of Daycare Consult has proven to be an integral part of daycare center operations and staff involvement.  Tori maintains a current and  thorough understanding of DHS standards and protocol, parental expectations, and legalities surrounding daycare center operations.

Just read what daycare owners and directors who have used the services of Daycare Consult have to say regarding their experience:


Daycare Center Testimonial

Our daycare center has been using Daycare Consult's services since March, 2010. I own and operate two large daycare centers in central Iowa serving children from birth to age twelve. Our center carries an enrollment of 463 children at full capacity and employs 80 staff members. Our center offers video and audio surveillance in every child occupied room.

While operating a large daycare center every owner realizes the liability implication that comes with such a tremendous responsibility. Tori has been instrumental in assisting our center with lower liability costs.  Tori's expertise in areas of childcare, including feeding, and behavioral management has enabled our center to enact new policies creating a safer environment while continuing to offer great care.

The video montioring service is crucial to our montioring of staff interactions with the children. Our center is able to use the feeback from video footage and reporting to train staff on specific problems areas that need attention.  Video monitoring has also served to be tremendously beneficial with concern to disciplinary action of staff members. This video reporting supports any employer claims with respect to employee infractions lessening employment claims. 

Tori has also allowed us to identify and praise talented staff and star employees when considering staff promotions and wage increases.  Tori's willingness to speak to staff in real time as issues arise are a direct benefit to the care of the chidlren and the structure and operation of the classroom.

Initially staff members were adverse to the idea of such a level of supervision as offered by daycare Consult but over time it has proven to benefit the staff directly with more manageable children, and better organized classrooms and time management - all of these a direct benefit to staff members. Tori has become the most requested speaker at monthly staff meetings. Our center is fortunate to have Tori living within geographical proximity such that she can offer us hands on training and help when needed.

Tori's medical knowledge enables our center to discuss with parents medical policies, illness regulations and doctors' orders in a manner that ensures parent participation and compliance with center rules and state licensing regulations. When faced with special medical requests Tori is able to explain terms and techniques to staff with non-medical backgrounds in an easily understood manner.

Tori's knowledge of childhood behaviour is vast and her methods are rooted in common sense and experience; they are specific and easily understood.  Our center has asked Tori to participate in developing behavioral management plans for special needs clients.  She has been instrumental in formulating specific techniques that are effective and work quickly,  Our staff has been grateful for her input and ideas that meet both the childrens' and adults'  needs.

Daycare center hand books require regular review.  Daycare Consult has been instrumental in including new DHS regulations and interpreting new legistalion as it is passed.  We feel secure in knowing that we can rely on Tori to research new licensing issues that are pertinent to current laws and complaince with state regulations.

In areas of special concern, such as rooms that have multiple parental concerns, Tori focuses on that room and pinpoints the specific deficiencies of staff members which helps our center to immediately correct the problem.

Our center also refers parents of children in our care to Tori for assistance with private parenting issues and concerns such as feeding, sleep patterns, and behaviour at home. This extended, but separate, service has been widely received by parents and takes a great deal of pressure off the adminstrative staff and reduces liability issues when we refer parents to Tori for specific, non-daycare related advice.

In short, I can not recommend Daycare Consult enough. All daycare centers would be wise to enlist the services of Daycare Consult; it is a sound business decision. Even if choosing just one area of service you will quickly find your center using other services once you realize how valuable Tori's expertise and experience are.  Our center has been nothing short of thrilled with the time and money Tori has saved us and the injuries and illnesses she has prevented.

Our child care centers are some of the country's best thanks to Tori's skills. Daycare Consult leads the way for centers everywhere to be DHS compliant and actively using best practices. 

For more information and to enlist the  services of Daycare Consult please contact us directly.