Quotes Tori has watched both of my children since they were 8 weeks old. Now, my 6-year-old daughter is in first grade and is being tested for gifted and talented programming, with a 3rd-grade reading level. My 3-year-old son is following in his sister's footsteps. Both of my children are respectful, kind human beings to each other, to adults, and to all their peers. Tori has been instrumental in their upbringing, and as a parent I could not ask for a better daycare provider for my children. Quotes

Quotes Tori has been a huge asset to my company! I went to Tori when I started my own childcare business for help. Tori has spent countless hours on the phone with me offering me advice, suggesting how I do things differently and providing me with a place to vent when things don't go the way I would like. She has taught me so much! She has helped me comply with state regulations also! Tori's expertise and knowledge in this field far surpasses every book I could have spent reading! When in doubt with the littlest question or issue, I call Tori! :) Quotes
Melissa Paradise

Quotes When I started my new job, my daughter needed childcare and I went to Tori. My daughter had never been taken care of by anyone outside of my family so I was very skeptical that it would work. One huge factor that made me pick Tori is that she is a registered nurse! I knew my daughter would be as safe with Tori as she is at home. Tori's home always smelled so good of home cooking! She always took the time to let me know how my daughter's day was, she offered advice and suggestions as needed, and I wound up making a great friend, even after not needing her services anymore! I feel Tori's skills helped improving my parenting as well! Quotes
Melissa Clausen

Quotes As an experienced Special Needs Childcare Provider and Paramedic I can only begin to tell you how invaluable Tori, Owner of Daycare Consult, has been to me and the Parents of the children I care for. Tori is a talented Registered Nurse and a gifted ?Childcare Whisperer? and I thank god for placing her in my life every day. Last year she created a special individualized diet plan consisting of purees with beneficial oils for a struggling little girl who was about to have yet another open heart surgery after a lifelong struggle with Congestive Heart Failure. ?Stinkerbell?s doctors had given her a very slim chance of survival as she had stopped growing and was losing weight despite her feeding tube nutrition. Within weeks of beginning Tori?s diet, both in my daycare and at home, things improved dramatically, her doctors were stunned. When she went in for her surgery she was stronger and only required a laparoscopic stint placement instead!! Tori is my hero! Quotes
Stacey Jones