Why We're Different

Daycare Consult is owned and operated by Tori, an experienced daycare provider, nanny and registered nurse. Daycare Consult is different because all information comes from the perspective of an experienced daycare provider who has both the parents' and providers' interests at heart. Daycare Consult strives to meet the needs of both sides of the daycare industry - client and service provider.

As an experienced daycare provider, parent and business woman,  Tori understands the needs and desires of parents and the demands of daycare providers.

With a background in nursing Tori is knowledgeable of both the health and development of children  and how this affects their success in daycare. As a health care professional Tori is also aware of the signs of daycare abuse and neglect. 

Both parents and daycare providers will benefit from Tori's vast knowledge base of expertise through Daycare Consult's services.

Children everywhere are the sole beneficiaries of Daycare Consult's vision.